EC7010-WK camera and display

Up to four wireless cameras and screen

The Gemineye™ battery operated wireless
camera utilises ECCO’s unique camera design.
The EC7010-WK includes a feature packed CMOS
colour infrared camera and a high resolution
LCD touch screen colour monitor, with integrated
recording capability via Mini SD card. The
EC7010-WK allows multiple viewing options
including; single, split and quad view screen, it
also has a heavy duty magnet mount, making
this system perfect for a variety of applications.

• Wireless magnetic mount camera
• Quick and simple installation
• Easy Auto connection
• Mini SD card-enabled recording with password
• Multiple viewing options: single, split &
quad view screen
• 2.4 GHz digital wireless system
• Monitor can be paired with up to four cameras with a reach of 120m
• Rotating camera head to adjust viewing angles
• Fast charge system
• 12-24 V dc
• IP67 (camera)