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The AK-C7412 is a high quality, highly reliable notebook style PC keyboard. The purification and disinfection capacity makes it a perfect fit in hospitals and at practitioners, microbiological laboratories as well as industrial environments. The silicone key membrane protects the key field against ingress of dirt and fluids. The AK-C4712 impresses with precise key actuation and accurate key guidance. It is highly recommendable for heavy duty type writing in dirt and hygiene critical operations. The AK-C7412 provides the following benefits for cleaning and disinfection: - Thorough wipe disinfection of key field and keyboard. - Silicone key membrane with low key profile and self-containing, seamless surface. - "Clean Function" allows to disable key field while cleaning („Fn“ + „Clean on/off“). - Fully sealed Num- and Touchpad with mouse buttons integrated. - Suitable for a multitude of hospital cleaning agents and surface disinfectants (VAH).


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Active Key is a leading manufacturer for hygiene and industrial keyboards for professional data input. Utmost comfort in writing, precise key actuation and perfect haptics are our main focus.

Our range of products reaches from industrial keyboards – with integrated trackball or trackpad – a wide range of protected keyboards/mice wireless or cabled to medical keyboards and mice with backlight function as well as POS devices with an integrated magnetic card or chip card reader.