0697 Deutsch connector

Deutsch connector 0697 assembly. For use with GX and MX contactors featuring integrated DT08 Deutsch connector. 0697-1 STANDARD 0697-2 AUXILIARY 0697-5 LATCHING, LOW SIDE DRIVE WITH AUXILIARY 0697-6 LATCHING, LOW SIDE DRIVE 0697-7 LATCHING, HIGH SIDE DRIVE WITH AUXILIARY 0697-8 LATCHING, HIGH SIDE DRIVE NOT for use with GXS/GXC or MXS/GXC Sensing series.



Product sheet



Gigavac is a part of the leading company Sensata Technologies renowned for its expertise in manufacturing high-performance,
high-voltage contactors and relays. Founded on a commitment to innovation and quality, Gigavac's products are in high demand
across a wide spectrum of industries, including heavy vehicles, aerospace, automotive, and renewable energy.
Gigavac's high voltage switching solutions are engineered to meet the most demanding requirements, ensuring dependable and
efficient operation even in the harshest environments. 

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