HX22 Small, compact contactor for switching +1000 V dc.

HX22 is the first in Gigavac´s new HX series of high voltage contactors. The HX22 is the smallest UL508 recognized contactor for high current switching at 1000Vdc. The HX22 exceeds IP67 and IP69 sealing requirements in addition to being RoHS compliant. UL rated for switching 175 Amps at 1000 V dc and a continuous duty up to 300 Amps the HX22 was developed for use in solar combiner boxes and inverters. Lightweight and compact (about 3.6 x 3.2 inches) the HX22 utilizes GIGAVAC’s EPIC® sealed switching technology which means it can safely be used in nearly any harsh environment including under water and at temperatures from –55ºC to 85ºC. The HX22 is not position sensitive which allows for easy mechanical arrangement in any circuit. High Efficiency Dual DC Coils – Very low 12, 24, or 48Vdc continuous power coils with no EMI emissions or cross-talk on your system control power – Ideal for battery powered systems or where low coil power consumption is needed.



Added function


Auxilary contact

Normally open (NO)

Coil Voltage

12VDC; 24VDC; 48VDC

Contact config

Normally open (NO)

Continuous current


Max current


Mechanical cycles




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US manufacturer of DC contactors, High-Voltage relays and manual safety load break switches.
GIGAVAC’s sealed switching expertise includes products that rely on new patented technologies for lower cost sealed contactors and manual disconnect switches.
GIGAVAC was founded in 2002 by a small group of individuals who sought to launch a company with customer service as the cornerstone. The original tag line, Today’s Experts in High Voltage Relays, was a testimony to the decades of experience in the engineering design, manufacturing, and application service of sealed switching products brought to the company by its founders.
This growth also allowed GIGAVAC engineering to focus on using their expertise to develop a new technology tackling the challenges of high power switching in a sealed contactor. The result is the patented EPIC line of sealed contactors introduced in late 2006. EPIC contactors have always been manufactured exclusively at GIGAVAC in the USA.
The line of EPIC products grew to include GX Industrial Contactors, MX High Reliability Contactors, and Sensing Contactors. GIGAVAC’s sealed switching expertise soon included products that rely on new patented technologies for lower cost sealed contactors and manual disconnect switches.
GIGAVAC, member of the Sensata Technologies group, invites you to visit their new, ISO9001, 40,000 square foot (3,700 sq m) factory and headquarters in Carpinteria near Santa Barbara, California to find out more about the unsurpassed sealed switching products.