Panels Aero & Defence

Comtronic produces edge-lit front panels using various technologies. The front panels can be in polycarbonate, Plexiglas or aluminium. The design and development of these is carried out in accordance with customer specifications and / or current MIL specifications. The illumination of the lettering can be done via LEDs, filament lamps or via electro-luminous foils. Various voltages and signals can be used for the control of the efficient light sources.

A speciality of Comtronic is the use of filtered lighting devices in order to ensure compatibility with night vision goggles. This feature is proven with appropriate measurement methods.

The lettering can be applied by photo etching or laser processes or screen printing. Comtronic front panels are manufactured in accordance with the current MIL specifications (MIL-STD 3009, MIL-P7788). The printed circuit boards used are provided with a special protective lacquer coating in order to protect against mechanical and minimize environmental influences.

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