AT hermetic snap–action switch

KLIXON® hermetic snap–action position switches are ideal for extremely harsh and demanding environments as found in aircraft, military, aerospace, and aircraft engines applications. KLIXON® precision hermetic position switches have been used for over 55 years in a wide range of applications. Our switches are found on virtually all commercial and military aircraft, as well as various space vehicles and satellites worldwide. Our design library has over 2,000 switch package designs which allow for “off-the-shelf” solutions to meet most application needs. Custom designs are also available if the customer’s application requires different form factors, or actuation methods. We offer a wide choice of precision position switches ideally suited for mission-critical applications that require accurate switching in extreme temperatures, high vibration and shock environments, or in the presence of typical aerospace fluids including but not limited to coolants, oils, hydraulic fluid, fuel, and deicing fluids.



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A world leader and early innovator in mission-critical sensors and controls designed to make the world cleaner, safer and more efficient. You will find these in many applications – anywhere from automotive braking systems to aircraft flight controls. Klixon high precision thermostats and circuit breakers are very reliable with very low weight and compact size for your secure function. 
Mission-critical means products that are essential and difficult to do. You’ll find Sensata Technologies 47,000 unique products in many applications – anywhere from automotive braking systems to aircraft flight controls. 
Sensata devices are in systems that protect people and the environment, so what we do matters. Take pride in knowing Sensata’s technologies improve safety, efficiency and comfort for millions of people every day.