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About Linear and Rotary Position Transducer - Potentiometer
Rectilinear position potentiometric transducers, detect the position of the moving part of any mechanical system.

Potentiometer measurement principle is voltage divider than position information is absolute. Proportionally divides an applied voltage over its operational range and provides a proportional output relevant to the position of the wiper.

Potentiometers gives wide power supply voltage range flexibility to match the devices used (5-48 V DC).

These transducers has very low temperature drift roubust mechanic structures, used for many industrial machineries and can be used at very low and high temperatures (-40°C…+85°C).

Potentiometers are produced with conductive plastic technology. They are adjusted to high accuracy level ​​with special laser trimming machines.

Different models are available many measuring length and mechanical structures.

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