Control Systems

A PLC is the "brain" of a machine and is pre-programmed to make sure the machine does what it is supposed to do.
We offer Siemens-compatible control systems from global Yaskawa, but also CPUs and I/O solutions from Weintek, Insys and Moxa. Our PLC and HMI solutions are of high quality available for all types of machine control.

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Control Systems (121)

  • cMT2058XH Panel Size 4.3"


    The Winmate G-WIN GS series is an industrially-effective display designed for superior usability and durability. Its true-flat screen design makes it easy to clean and resistive to dust and water, making it practical for harsh environments.

  • 013-CCF0R00


    VIPA SLIO CPU, Fast compact CPU with 16DI, 12 DO, 2AI. Expandable to 64 I/O modules. Tia portal, Simatic manager and Speed 7 Studio compatible.

  • 014-CEF0R01


    VIPA SLIO CPU, CPU 014 64kB memory, expandable to 192KB PROFIBUS master/PROFIBUS slave

  • 015-CEFNR00


    Slio CPU 015 Ethercat Fast CPU with 256kB of memory, expandable up to 512MB. EtherCAT controller, Ethernet port and dual PG / OP ports. Profibus master / slave option.

  • 015-CEFPR01


    VIPA SLIO CPU, CPU 015 256kB memory, expandable up to 512kB Profibus master/slave PROFINET controller

  • 017-CEFPR00


    VIPA SLIO CPU. Slio CPU 017 Profinet Fast CPU with 512kB of memory, expandable to 2MB. Two PROFINET controllers and dual PG / OP ports. Profibus master/slave as option.

  • 019-CEFPM00


    SLIO CPU 019 is a very powerful Profinet CPU from VIPA, suitable for high end automation. The CPU has built-in dual PROFINET controllers. It has an integrated working memory of 6MB.

  • 312-5BE23


    VIPA 300S+ Compact CPU - 128KB work memory - Expandable memory (max. 1024 KB)

  • 313-5BF23


    VIPA 300S+ Compact CPU - Fast Speed7 CPU from ProfiChip - 16 x DI, 16 x DO - 256 KB work memory - Expandable memory (max 1024 KB) - PROFIBUS-DP master / PtP (switchable) - PG / OP via Ethernet port - Programmable with Simatic Manager and TIA Portal

  • 313SC


    VIPA 300S+ Compact CPU - 24 x DI, 16 x DO, 4 x Al, 2 x AO, 1 x Al Pt100 - 256 KB work memory - Expandable memory (max. 1024 KB)