YASKAWA Electric Corporation

Your First Choice for Automation

YASKAWA Electric is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the fields of drive technology, industrial automation and robotics based in Kitakyushu, Japan. Founded in 1915, we see ourselves as a pioneer in these sectors, always striving to optimise the productivity and efficiency of machines and industrial systems with our innovations.

For over 100 years now, our products and solutions have been supporting automation in a wide variety of industrial processes including mining, mechanical engineering and toolmaking, as well as the automotive, packaging, wood processing, lift, textile and semiconductor industries.

The activities of YASKAWA Electric are divided into 4 areas:
Motion Control (inverter drives, servo drives, servomotors, machine controllers), Robotics (industrial robots, service robots, robot systems), System Engineering (medium-voltage inverters, generators and converters) and Information Technology (software, information processing).

Employees worldwide          14,500

Frequency inverters produced each year        2.2 M.

Servo motors produced each year           2.1 M.

Yaskawa Vipa


  • Servo Motors


    Sigma-5 rotary servo motors feature a wide range of outputs from 50W - 15kW. Both low and medium inertia models are available with 20-bit absolute encoders standard on all models.

  • 013-CCF0R00


    VIPA SLIO CPU, Fast compact CPU with 16DI, 12 DO, 2AI. Expandable to 64 I/O modules. Tia portal, Simatic manager and Speed 7 Studio compatible.

  • 014-CEF0R01


    VIPA SLIO CPU, CPU 014 64kB memory, expandable to 192KB PROFIBUS master/PROFIBUS slave

  • 015-CEFNR00


    Slio CPU 015 Ethercat Fast CPU with 256kB of memory, expandable up to 512MB. EtherCAT controller, Ethernet port and dual PG / OP ports. Profibus master / slave option.

  • 015-CEFPR01


    VIPA SLIO CPU, CPU 015 256kB memory, expandable up to 512kB Profibus master/slave PROFINET controller

  • 017-CEFPR00


    VIPA SLIO CPU. Slio CPU 017 Profinet Fast CPU with 512kB of memory, expandable to 2MB. Two PROFINET controllers and dual PG / OP ports. Profibus master/slave as option.

  • 019-CEFPM00


    SLIO CPU 019 is a very powerful Profinet CPU from VIPA, suitable for high end automation. The CPU has built-in dual PROFINET controllers. It has an integrated working memory of 6MB.

  • 312-5BE23


    VIPA 300S+ Compact CPU - 128KB work memory - Expandable memory (max. 1024 KB)

  • 313-5BF23


    VIPA 300S+ Compact CPU - Fast Speed7 CPU from ProfiChip - 16 x DI, 16 x DO - 256 KB work memory - Expandable memory (max 1024 KB) - PROFIBUS-DP master / PtP (switchable) - PG / OP via Ethernet port - Programmable with Simatic Manager and TIA Portal

  • 313SC


    VIPA 300S+ Compact CPU - 24 x DI, 16 x DO, 4 x Al, 2 x AO, 1 x Al Pt100 - 256 KB work memory - Expandable memory (max. 1024 KB)