Founded in 1964 and has over 55 years of experience in products including solid state relays, sensors and switches. Specializes in electrical engineering and electronics. With many years of experience, Celduc is fully focused on serving its market and customers all over the world. Set up near Saint-Etienne, the Celduc group has played a great part in rising in prosperity of the Rhône-Alpes area and is the only French company producing and selling solid state relays.
Celduc relais controls the complete chain: design, development, production, testing and marketing.
Manufactures the most comprehensive range of Solid State Relays but has also developed its own production equipment to ensure the most efficient manufacturing methods. Quality is always of paramount importance and maintained, aided by our own specially developed in house testing equipment. Celduc solid state relays and magnetic sensors are manufactured in accordance with the major international standards; UL, CSA, EN, VDE, CE, ATEX.